SM Assignment by Aditya Dave 11P005 Section A MDI

Question 1.

Nike is the sports apparel giant.  The brands overall value is greater than that of the entire ESPN network.

Vision Statement:

“To bring inspiration and innovation to every athlete*
in the world”
* If you have a body, you are an athlete.

Spalding has long been a leader of innovation and quality in the sporting goods category. From the development of the very first basketball to the latest in NEVERFLAT®technology, Spalding’s tradition of innovation continues.

Vision Statement:

“From the beginning it was all about being first, being the best… being what others could only aspire to become.”

It would be interesting to analyse what if a sports apparel brand like Nike merges with the sporting goods brand like Spalding. Such a kind of merger holds within it a potential to dominate the entire sporting supplies industry. The results may just be catastrophic for the competitors of the two brands.

New Vision Statement:

To bring inspiration and innovation to every athlete to become what others could only aspire to become.”

Core Values:

Both companies are driven by innovation and it goes without saying that the values of the merged companies will be built around a sturdy core of innovation. The company “Spa-ike” will strive to give the athletes the final push they deserve to excel and raise the level of their game.


Complete dominance of all the sporting events across the world.

Every sporting good used across all international games must have a Spa-ike logo on it and all the clothing apparels used by any professional athlete must be a Spa-ike product.

Question 2.

Piece of Cake knowledge consulting firm

Vision: “To broadcast knowledge”

Core Values:

To make learning fun and non-stereotypical

The company will take various theories across different fields and teach them online via videos etc. in a simple easy to understand format.

The purpose would be to eliminate inhibitions among new learners and to establish a base for them about the topic, post which they can follow up with other materials like books etc.

Basically break down complex topics into an easy to understand format.


To be the leading hub online for any knowledge based concepts

Suggested Websites:

A standalone website which can be letter made into an online portal.

Tentative Name:

Piece of Cake

Question 3.

Innovation Articles

Question 4.

Innovation Videos

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